Throughout the year, Fèis Chataibh hold weekend workshops. There are no set dates to these and are organised depending on financial situations. Join our mailing list here to keep informed about upcoming weekend workshops.

Fèis Chataibh’s weekend workshops are day long events. A little like a mini summer week squished in one day. Children choose 2 subjects for the day and have 2 lessons in each. There is a Gaelic for all to enhance the children’s Gaelic language skills.

Instruments offered at Fèis Chataibh Weekend Workshops:

  • Fiddle
  • Guitar
  • Accordion
  • Tin Whistle
  • Keyboard
  • Clàrsach
  • Chanter & pipes
  • Gaelic Song

These weekend workshops are held in Golspie High School/Community Centre. We always aim to get some of Scotland’s best traditional musicians to tutor at these workshops. For the weekend workshops we also aim to get local artists to tutor.