Summer Week FAQs

My child is 8 at the end of July, can they still come?
Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to say yes, the answer it no. Your child must be 8 during the week of the Fèis to be able to attend. Next year!

My child doesn’t know any Gaelic, is that okay?
That is absolute fine, all classes are carried out in English. The Gaelic for all classes are aimed at beginners.

My child has never played an instrument before.
No problemo! That’s what we’re here for.

My child doesn’t have a guitar, can he still choose this instrument?
Of course. We have a bank of instruments which your child can borrow for the week. Instruments which can be borrowed are;

  • fiddles
  • guitars
  • accordions
  • mandolins
  • keyboards
  • clarsachs

Instruments, such as tin whistle, chanter and pipes, for hygiene reasons, are not available to borrow. Tin whistles are very cheap to buy but chanters and pipes aren’t. But if your child intended to keep up the instrument, it’s worth the money.

I have 3 children attending the Fèis summer week. Is there a reduced price for this?Yes. The first child costs £85, second child costs £65 and the third costs £50. The total price for 2 children is £150 and for 3 children is £200.